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Children’s Dentistry

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Children's Dentistry

At Iconic Smiles we firmly believe that prevention is better than cure, and we work hard to promote this to our young generation of patients.It is important for children to attend the Dentist from a young age, as soon as their milk teeth start to appear.

This ensures that any problems can be identified at an early stage and we can promote good oral health that will last a lifetime.

Your Child's First Visit

This will be an easy introduction to the practice. Your child can meet the dentist and go for a ride in the chair if they wish. If not, no problem, we can talk to your child, build their confidence and teach them good oral hygiene.

We recommend avoiding phrases like “it won’t hurt” or offering treats to the children as a reward for coming to the dentist.


A visit to the dentist should be a fun and rewarding experience, not something they should fear or require a reward for. 

how parents can help at home

It is very important that you bring your child in for their routine check up appointments when advised by the dentist.Changes can happen very quickly in baby teeth and the only way we can monitor any potential problems is if the child visits regularly.

You will need to brush your child’s teeth when they are very young and oversee your child’s brushing up until they are 7 years old. It is important that they get into the habit of brushing their teeth twice a day. Please see our Education section for more details.

We will advise you on the best way to encourage your child to brush, as well as recommending the right fluoride level and products for their teeth.

The amount of sugar and acid in your child’s diet should be limited, particularly between meals or before bedtime. This includes not just sweets but also hidden sugars, such as the ones in breakfast cereals.

Regular visits to the dentist will build trust between the child and dentist, who will educate them in how to look after their teeth. 

We believe children should be aware and understand the importance of good oral hygiene and taking care of their teeth.

This will ensure that they continue to maintain good habits as they grow, appreciating the importance of dental health. 

Toothache in children can be very painful and is mainly caused by tooth decay, which is related to too much sugar in their diet. 

What to do if a baby tooth is knocked out

If a baby tooth is knocked out, do not try and insert it in the mouth. The patient should be seen as soon as possible at the practice to make sure that none of the tooth remains in the mouth.

If it is an adult tooth, please refer to the emergencies section here.


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