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Smile Like a Star

Even with the best brushing technique, our smiles fade. Everything leaves its mark—countless cups of tea and coffee, sugary snacks, spicy food, even fruit. They all add up. If you have a discoloured, dulling smile, your confidence can dim.

A bright and radiant smile looks healthy. And, if you have a natural sparkle, it’s easier to show off your smile. Social situations are easier, and you feel more comfortable in yourself.

But beautiful, bright white smiles aren’t reserved for movie stars and social media influencers. With teeth whitening, you can regain your natural glow.

Best of all, you get outstanding outcomes and the reassuring safety of professional treatment in under half an hour at the Iconic Smiles clinic. 

Discover Boutique Whitening

Professional teeth whitening treatment that cuts to the core of stains and discolouration. Powerful gels penetrate the surface, removing buildup particles embedded in the pores of your teeth. This gradually lifts the shade of your smile to the most natural white possible.

We offer at-home whitening from Boutique—a leader in pro whitening.

Whitening with Boutique couldn’t be easier. Just take your comfortable Boutique whitening trays home and wear while you relax or overnight to see stunning results in 7-10 days.

Why Whiten with Iconic Smiles?

Completely Convenient

The beauty of whitening with Boutique is that you can achieve stunning results at home in a week. It’s the perfect complement to hygiene and cosmetic treatments, or as a powerful standalone smile lift.

Naturally Perfect Smiles

Boutique whitening provide exceptional results. Best of all, the bright white we’ll help you achieve looks perfectly natural. You’ll notice the difference, but your new radiant smile won’t look fake.

Boost Your Self-Confidence

Feeling good about your smile helps you feel less self-conscious in social and professional situations. Smile, and the world smiles with you.

our whitening gels

boutique by day

6% hydrogen peroxide

Boutique by Day - 1.5 hours wear time per day

Boutique by Day is designed for people who want great results with minimum wear time. The formula whitens your teeth with only 1.5 hours wear per day, perfect for those that don’t want to wear appliances overnight.

boutique by night

10% carbamide peroxide

Boutique by Night - 4-6 hours wear time

Boutique by Night 10% is a mild formula designed for overnight wear. This gel offers fantastic results and low incidence of sensitivity.

boutique by night

16% carbamide peroxide

Boutique by Night - 4 to 6 hours wear time

Boutique by Night 16% is a high strength formula that whitens your teeth as you sleep. This gel is tough on stains but gentle on teeth – our best seller!

boutique hybrid pro

4.25% hydrogen peroxide/ 4.25% carbamide peroxide

Dual Action Gel - 3 to 4 hours wear or overnight
The Hybrid Pro is a dual action gel – unique in the UK. The hydrogen gets to work immediately, compounded by the slow release carbamide to deliver a gentle, yet effective, formula.

boutique b1 guarantee

16% carbamide peroxide

Boutique by Night - 4 to 6 hours wear time
Using our award-winning, 16% overnight formula, for up to 6 weeks, we can guarantee your teeth will get to VITA shade B1 (the whitest natural shade). To find out if you are eligible for the B1 Guarantee, please speak to your dentist for more information.

how to care for your
kit & trays

patient instructions

Brush teeth. Load the whitening tray by placing a small bead on the front surface of the whitening tray, halfway up the tooth surface.

Place whitening trays over the teeth and press firmly in to place. Gently push on the front surface of each tooth to disperse the gel

Remove any excess gel that may seep out of the edge of the tray with a tissue or soft toothbrush. Gently rinse with water but do not swallow.

Recommended wear time is 1.5 hours per day for 6% Hydrogen Peroxide

Wear time of 3 to 4 hours per day for the Hybrid Pro, and 6 hours, but better overnight, for 10% and 16% Carbamide Peroxide

After whitening brush teeth. Clean your whitening trays with cool water and a soft toothbrush

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