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Here are some of the benefits of regular hygienist visits from Iconic Smiles:

Introducing GBT from Iconic Smiles

Devised and used by gum specialists, Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is the gold standard of dental hygiene therapy. Although it’s gentler than a regular scale and polish, GBT removes even more hard-to-reach plaque, bacteria and stains—leaving you looking and feeling your best, 24/7. 

GBT: What to Expect

GBT may be a little different from the dental deep-cleaning you’re used to. Not only is it more gentle than a regular hygiene session, but it’s also more effective at removing bacteria, plaque and tartar on the gums, teeth, and tongue.

Your Assessment

GBT begins with a gentle rinse with mouthwash and a thorough assessment of your teeth and gums—as well as any cosmetic restorations such as crown, bridges and implants.

Disclosure and Removal

A biofilm discloser highlights problem areas of biofilm—a thin coating of bacteria—allowing our hygiene team to design a bespoke plan for effective removal.

Hygiene Support

In addition to a detailed treatment plan, we’ll provide lifestyle advice, equipment and toothpastes to help you maintain perfect health and freshness.


Now we’ll get to work with gentle air-powered AIRFLOW Cleaning to begin removing biofilm from teeth and soft tissue.

Gum Cleaning

We will follow up with gum cleaning—designed to remove biofilm from more hard to reach pockets and recesses in the gums.

Ultrasonic Scaling

Stage three of your therapy sees plaque and calculus eliminated by deep-cleaning. This is especially effective on implants, veneers, crowns, bridges and other cosmetic dental restorations.

Maintain and Protect

You’ll love the deep-clean feel of GBT so much that you’ll want to preserve the feeling forever. So after a final check for remaining bacteria and tartar, we will administer protective fluoride to maintain the results.

Top Up When You Need to

That’s all there is to GBT! You can top up and maintain results with the Iconic Smiles hygiene team whenever you need to.


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