Composite Bonding

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The Full Bonding Experience

Composite bonding combines clinical and artistic skills to deliver stunning smile perfection.

You may have heard this treatment referred to as ‘full bonding,’ the process of sculpting, shaping, and contouring smiles with composite resin.

Think of it as a complete smile redesign – carried out by our expert teams and led by our talented and experienced cosmetic dentist: Dr Vishal Patel.

The simple and effective composite bonding procedure doesn’t require anaesthetic or a drill. We use composite resin to redesign your smile.

Best of all, our team, can usually achieve all of this in a single appointment.

What Is Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding might not have the headline-grabbing reputation of dental veneers, but the results are just as astounding.

The idea is simple. Treatment involves sculpting smiles tooth-by-tooth using a hard wearing, tooth-coloured resin.

In the hands of our skilled team, composite bonding mimics natural tooth enamel right down to the last microscopic detail.

With composite bonding, we can work with you to create anything from all-out Hollywood brilliance to a subtle smile improvement—the final result is up to you! 

Fix cracked, chipped, and misshapen teeth

What Can We Treat?

While composite bonding can give any smile a lift, it’s also perfect for masking damage, closing gaps and improving whiteness. Here’s just a taster of the versatility of full bonding from Iconic Smiles:

Your Bespoke Confidence Booster

Smile Design Your Way

Everyone’s idea about what makes a perfect smile is different, so our team will work with you to understand your goals and deliver 100% bespoke results that are all-you.

Boost Your Confidence

Treatment using composite bonding is like a facelift for your smile. We’ll tackle the specific issues you dislike most, giving self-esteem and confidence a priceless lift.

Simple Smiles

The real beauty of composite bonding is that it’s straightforward. We simply apply the smile-enhancing resin and sculpt it until your teeth look flawless. This quick procedure has no downtime, so you can enjoy your new smile that day.

Pain-free Perfection

With no drills in sight, there’s no need to worry about discomfort during this minimally invasive treatment. It’s so simple, we don’t even need to give you an anaesthetic.

Long Lasting Results

With the proper care and attention, full bonding provides many years of confident smiles. And, if your treatment ever needs a tweak in the future, this is also an easy process.

Restore Health

When composite bonding is used to repair damage, it effectively seals teeth to prevent harmful bacteria from finding a home, preventing decay and infection in the process.

The Composite Bonding Process

Assess and Design

Begin the composite bonding process by discussing your goals with our cosmetic team. Everyone’s needs differ, and we want to ensure you get a smile you’ll love.

After an initial assessment, we’ll let you know whether the treatment is right for you and discuss the process. Next, we’ll start carefully planning your new smile.

Build and Refine

Using perfectly colour-matched resin, we’ll begin creating smile perfection. We’ll skillfully sculpt the resin until we’re happy with its appearance.

We’ll then use a special light to harden the resin so it bonds to your teeth. Once it’s firm, we’ll polish out any imperfections.

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