Teeth Straightening at Iconic Smiles

Teeth Straightening at Iconic Smiles couldn’t be easier with our Specialist Orthodontist: Dr Kishan Patel.


Kishan has a wealth of experience in treating even the most complex malocclusions, including overbites, underbites, overjets and making use of interceptive treatments to change the entire shape of a face and not just the teeth.


At Iconic Smiles, we have invested in the latest CBCT Scanner which also takes high-resolution panoramic views of your teeth so that your Orthodontist can plan your perfected Iconic Smile.


We also have an iTero scanner which uses digital CAD-CAM technology to scan your teeth to 50 microns! Yes, 50 microns! And this then produces a digital map which the ingenious Invisalign algorithms use to create a roadmap for success!


The result: a meticulously planned, ingeniously designed, perfected Iconic Smile that you can wear with confidence!

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