Why see the Hygienist regularly?

Did you know that it’s so important to see your hygienist 2-3 times a year. As plaque calcifies in the mouth, above and below the gumline, it forms a hard substance called tartar or calculus which is a breeding ground for bacteria. This leads to inflammation of the gums which can progess to bone loss and gum recession.

The result is bad breath, wobbly teeth and bleeding gums. The inflammation can also cause infections of the gums which can progress to sepsis and damage the valves of your heart.

Regularly seeing our hygienists nips this in the bud and removes the stubborn deposits of calculus which prevents inflammation, gum infections, leading to a stain-free, healthy, fresh-smelling mouth, giving you confidence not only about your health, but your appearance and well-being too. Studies suggest that combined with an electric toothbrush, flossing and interdental cleaning daily, it can prevent heart disease.

So don’t delay, book in with our hygienists and retain that Iconic Smile!

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